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The MSA is an association of professional metrologists, engineers, scientists, technicians and measurement experts throughout Australia, New Zealand and around the world, who measure, evaluate, calibrate, maintain, educate, train, design, sell, invent and develop measurement technologies and research the Science and Art of Metrology.

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MSA Conference - Wellington, NZ 20-23 February 2023   

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The MSA2023 organising committee announce the first call for papers.  All this and more is now available on the conference website.  The Wellington Conference will be 3 years since the Melbourne event so we look forward to reconnecting, sharing stories and updates.  The MSA committee also acknowledge with sadness the passing of long time member Barry Neville.  Read more in the July newsletter here.

MSA2022 is now MSA2023 with a change of dates to accommodate shifting border restrictions and entry rules.  The NZ committee want to stage a memorable conference and that includes welcoming as many visitors to Wellington as possible.  Read about this and more in the latest newsletter.


One of the challenges for metrologists and calibration laboratories in these times of ongoing COVID travel and work restrictions is accessing high quality training to support development or upskilling of staff.  NMI Australia has adapted many of its courses to operate online via Webex video conference.  NMI has asked the MSA to inform its members of the following upcoming courses:

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