The MSA education initiatives are aimed at filling gaps where the main stream have limitations for specific metrology skills and learning. We have a very broad range of associated organisations, all with variations of technical competencies required to deliver your services. The current initiatives are aimed to support as much of that spectrum and will test whether these add value. Member feedback is always welcome as this helps to inform how we can continue advocate in this space.

Real World Education (NZ)

Following a discussion at the MSA2023 conference in Wellington, Real World Education expressed interest in supporting the development of online Metrology micro credential courses. Working alongside several NZ calibration labs, the format and content has now been approved by the New Zealand Qualification Authority and are offered fees free to NZ based laboratory staff. There are two options based on experience for staff already working in calibration lab and need the support for their learning and development. Intakes for the 2024 programmes close soon so don’t delay. Read more below.

  • Practical Metrology Programme – suits learners with less than 1 year of experience and graduates earn the NZ diploma in Applied Science (level 5) intake closing 19 August 2024
  • Laboratory Technician Professional Programme with a Metrology endorsement – for learners with more than 1 year of experience and graduates earn the NZ Diploma in Applied Science (level 6) intake closing 24 June 2024

Science Roadshow (NZ)

Think big truck touring the country visiting primary schools to teach and demonstrate science. It is a known fact that children in their early learning need exposure to science concepts to spark an interest, and are more likely to continue this learning into college and beyond. The NZ MSA committee have sponsored a demonstration on the 2024 Roadshow as a way to introduce metrology in its most basic – solving problems using measurement. Students will be asked to bung up a hole in their rocket ship. They will be provided with various tools so that they can measure the hole in the rocket plus measure the diameter of the bungs provided. They then have to make a decision based on the results of their measurements.

Measurement Lecture Series

These lectures and the accompanying notes have been developed for the MSA as a resource for the teaching of metrology in applied sciences at a tertiary education level. The aim is to help applied science and engineering students develop a sufficient understanding of metrology (measurement science) to enable them to make and recognise high-quality measurements, to interact appropriately with other professional users of measurements, and to recognise and interact with the key elements of their national quality infrastructure. The lectures emphasise the metrology principles and philosophy applicable to any measurement. They are not intended to replace the discipline-specific training courses already offered by NMIA and MSL, rather, they are intended to complement these courses by providing an overview of metrology that is normally beyond the scope of their courses.
There are 12 lectures, in three groups, as follows:
Group 1: The Nature of Measurement (4 lectures)
Group 2: Measurement Uncertainty (5 lectures)
Group 3: Measurement Quality (3 lectures)

The MSA are working to increase the spread of these lectures, free to any tertiary institute with a relevant under-graduate programme where there is a logical fit. If you have any University contacts where this could be of interest and would like to canvas inclusion on behalf of the MSA, please register by emailing the secretary these details.