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Membership Types

There are five types of membership in the MSA.

  • Student Members are full time students under the age of 25 that have an interest in metrology but do not currently satisfy the requirements for a higher grade of membership.  Membership is free. You will need an institutional email address (e.g. as confirmation of your student status.
  • Associate Members have an interest and involvement in metrology but do not currently satisfy the requirements for a higher grade of membership. The annual subscription is $45. Apply online below. Applications are usually assessed within 24 hours.
  • Members must satisfy requirements regarding appropriate experience in metrology and/or formal educational qualifications. Extensive practical experience may be deemed as equivalent to formal qualifications. The annual subscription is $45. Apply online below. Please allow 2 weeks for review of your application by the Membership Committee.
  • Fellows have either held a position of considerable responsibility for metrology activities or made a significant contribution to metrology. The annual subscription is $45. Contact the MSA if you are interested in upgrading your membership to Fellow.
  • Honorary Fellows are elected by the membership in recognition of their conspicuous service to metrology or the Metrology Society of Australasia.

How to join the MSA

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Why you should join the MSA

Members of the Metrology Society of Australasia receive the following services and benefits.

  • Participation in a rapidly growing and dynamic professional organisation.
  • Access to a richly diverse and powerful technical network.
  • Receive regular news and updates relating to the industry and MSA events directly in your inbox.
  • Contact with other professional societies and organizations in Australasia and internationally.
  • Regular lectures, conferences, seminars, workshops and site visits.
  • Assistance in furthering your career goals.
  • Formal recognition of your qualifications and experience in metrology (Member grades and above).

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