EOI to provide technical advice to NATA (Chemical)

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Expression of interest to provide technical advice to NATA in specific chemical testing disciplines

The Chemical Testing Accreditation Advisory Committee (CTAAC) advises NATA on technical issues related to the field of Chemical Testing.

NATA is seeking expressions of interest from persons with technical expertise in one or more of the disciplines described below to assist with the provision of technical advice to NATA via the CTAAC. Recognition by NATA will be for a period of five years.

• Occupational hygiene encompassing workplace environmental hazards including asbestos fibre identification and counting, respirable dusts, organic vapours and gases generated from industrial processes, biological monitoring of elements and chemical residues, calibration of gas analysers, flow measurement devices, particulate air samplers and mine safety equipment.

• Fuels and lubricants encompassing: oil shale, crude petroleum, fuels, lubricants, bituminous materials, solvents and miscellaneous petroleum products.

• Mining and metals encompassing: coal, metals and alloys, metallic coatings, corrosion, ores and minerals, cements, concrete and clays.

• Food encompassing: naturally occurring constituents of food and residues and contaminants in food and agricultural products.

• Air encompassing: pollutants in air emissions and indoor air.

• Environment encompassing: pollutants in water, sediments, solid wastes, leachates and soils.

• Surface coatings encompassing paint and metallic coatings, treatment solutions and corrosion tests.

• Chemical metrology encompassing calibration, measurement uncertainty, reference materials and traceability.

NATA does not provide remuneration for work undertaken by Technical Experts, however, where travel is required to attend a face-to-face meeting NATA will meet all the associated costs.

Communication with Technical Experts will be coordinated by a member of NATA’s staff in association with the member of the CTAAC with the relevant technical expertise. Communication will be via email in the first instance. Where a consensus cannot be reached, NATA may organise a teleconference/ videoconference or face to face meeting to facilitate a resolution.

Applicants must hold a degree in Chemistry and have a minimum of 5 years practical experience in the field of chemical testing. It is also essential that applicants are familiar with NATA’s accreditation requirements through either practical experience in an accredited facility or experience as a NATA technical assessor.

It is also desirable that applicants can demonstrate experience in the following areas:
• Publications/Presentations related to the relevant discipline(s);
• Awareness of Quality/Management system requirements;
• Awareness of Regulators and industry associations;
• Awareness of international activities.

Expressions of interest comprising a covering letter detailing which discipline you wish to provide technical advice in and your reasons for doing so and a current resume should be forwarded to the Sector Manager, Life Sciences, Neil Shepherd at neil.shepherd@nata.com.au

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