Measurement Standards Laboratory of New Zealand - Two positions available

  • Cynthia Lendrum
2 years 4 months ago #186 by Cynthia Lendrum
We have two unique opportunities to join the Measurement Standards Laboratory (MSL) team. MSL is New Zealand's National Metrology Institute and an international leader in measurement capability including: measurement of fundamental constants; state-of-the-art measurement techniques; realisations of physical measurement standards; and improved industrial measurement techniques.

We are now seeking applications for the following roles:

Research Technician - Electricity, Time and FrequencyResearch Technician - Electricity, Time and Frequency
Responsible for facilitating global recognition of tests and measurements of electricity and time. The types of task involved will include providing timely and cost-effective support to Electrical and Time scientists, working directly with clients to help identify and solve technical calibration issues, setting up calibrations, monitoring performance, collecting data and working with Scientists to analyse results.

Research Scientist - Mass and Related Quantities
Responsible for research and development into mass and related quantities (pressure, density, volume, flow, torque, force and hardness) to support our national measurement capabilities, and for providing advice and consultancy across New Zealand industry.

Both these positions are listed on the Callaghan Innovation Jobs page, click on the job title to take you there.
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  • Alan Serino
2 years 3 months ago #187 by Alan Serino

I would like to take the opportunity to submit my application as Research Technician-Electricity, Time and Frequency.

Please my attached resume for the said position.


Alan N. Serino
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  • Cynthia Lendrum
2 years 3 months ago #188 by Cynthia Lendrum
Hi Alan
Awesome! Thanks for your response received on Friday 10th August, the online portal is now closed for this position however I please message me directly and I'll forward you a link to complete this application.
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