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New MSA Website (2014)

7 years 9 months ago - 7 years 9 months ago #6 by Liam Shanahan (Website Admin)
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  • New MSA Website (2014) was created by Liam Shanahan (Website Admin)
    The MSA has been working hard on a new website. We call it MSA Connect and it introduces some new features that enable members to contact each other and contribute via a discussion forum.

    - The discussion forum (this one) has general and technical areas. The general areas are readable (but not able to be added to) by the general public. The technical sections are only visible to logged-in MSA members, and are a benefit to members only. If you are an MSA member, we encourage you to log in to the website or forum so that you can see and contribute to all sections of the forum.

    - You can subscribe to any category or topic that interests you, and then you will be emailed with new topics or updates are made. For example, if you have an interest in electrical measurement, browse to the "Electrical" section of the forum and press "subscribe" in the top left. Likewise, if you want to keep updated on conference activities, subscribe to the conferences section.

    - Once logged in, you can also see and search the list of other current members and even send someone an email. To do this, click on "discussion forum" in the top menu, and then click the "Member List" tab at the top of the forum (this tab is only visible after logging in). You can then browse or search for other members.

    We are interested in your feedback on how to shape the site to provide members with the maximum benefit. If you have any suggestions, please respond to this topic and we will do our best.

    Tips for MSA Members:
    - Please login to the website or forums to see the technical and private sections and to contribute to the forums
    - Remember to subscribe to categories and sections of the forum that interest you. You will then be notified by email when a new topic or post is added!
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