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Welcome to the MSA Discussion Board!

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Liam S (Website Admin) created the topic: Welcome to the MSA Discussion Board!
Welcome to the MSA online discussion board

The discussion forum is an easy and effective way to talk through any and all MSA and metrology matters and we encourage you to jump and and contribute by starting new discussions or contributing to others'.
If you need any help using the discussion board, let us know by sending a private message within the board, or emailing me a webmaster@metrology.asn.au

The forum is divided in to two major sections:
  1. General MSA Matters for non-technical discussion about the society, information about upcoming events and for new members to jump in and say "hello".
  2. Private section for content available to members only - such as technical items. This entire section is hidden from the general public and only available to current and logged-in MSA members. Have a question about a test method? or how to handle an uncertainty component? Jump in and ask the MSA community.

You can upload files and images to help discussion. You can send private messages to other members through the discussion forum.

Tips for MSA Members:
- Please login to the website or forums to see the technical and private sections and to contribute to the forums
- Remember to subscribe to categories and sections of the forum that interest you. You will then be notified by email when a new topic or post is added!
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