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A brief introduction

4 years 1 day ago #197 by Ross Hayes

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  • A brief introduction was created by Ross Hayes
    Hi all,

    Just a brief introduction.

    My name is Ross, I am a trades lecturer (fitting and machining) and a science student (USQ). I work full-time training apprentices in trade skills of precision mechanical repair, precision handwork, and precision machining I also oversee the teaching of measurement skills and the development and maintenance of training materials, assessment tools, and facilities. In my 'spare' time I am working towards a degree in physical science and mathematics.

    If anyone has any manufacturing and skill based questions, I will be more than happy to help where I can.


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    3 years 11 months ago #198 by Liam Shanahan

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  • Replied by Liam Shanahan on topic A brief introduction
    Hi Ross,
    Welcome to the MSA. I'm sure your skills and experience will be valuable to the Society. Education is a hot item in the MSA at the moment, and I'm sure the Education Sub Committee would be interested to hear the insights you have in the teaching of measurement skills.
    I hope to meet you at any MSA event in the future. Pencil in the MSA2020 Conference!

    Regards, Liam

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