MSA2023 Conference Programme

Please see the preliminary programme outline below, followed by a summary of the various tours and social events. 
We will be adding more detail to the programme in the coming months.
Monday 20th February 2023  
1:00 pm Site Tour to Measurement Standards Laboratory of NZ
5:00 pm Welcome Function - Oceania Room Te Papa
Tuesday 21st February 2023  
9:00 am Conference Opening
  DAY 1 - Plenary 1 & 2 / Presentations and workshops
6:00 pm Conference Dinner - Te Marae Te Papa
Wednesday 22nd February 2023  
8:30 am DAY 2 – Plenary 3 / Presentations and workshops
3:00 pm Tour - WETA Digital
Thursday 23rd February 2023  
7:30 am MSA AGM and Breakfast
9:00 am DAY 3 - Plenary 4 & 5 / Presentations and workshops
4:00 pm Conference ends


 Uncertainty Dr Rod White and Dr Blair Hall have the uncanny ability to make the complicated seem understandable. Even though you may work with uncertainty daily you will learn from this talk.  As despite the publication of the Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (GUM) being applied to metrological research for nearly four decades, there is no clear explanation for the need for having both standard and expanded uncertainties. At this presentation find out how standard and expanded uncertainties are different in nature and serve quite different purposes.

Temperature Workshop - Understanding the Field of View and Target Size for Infrared Thermometers

This workshop will explore how to interpret manufacturers’ specifications for the field of view of infrared (IR) thermometers and examine what this means in the context of calibration of an IR thermometer using either a blackbody cavity or a flat-plate calibrator. Workshop attendees will be provided with a software tool to help visualise how the field of view varies with measurement distance, and which can be used to calculate the effective emissivity of a blackbody cavity for a given IR thermometer. Advice will also be given on how to deal with the complication of the size-of-source effect (SSE), and how to provide information on a calibration certificate that maximises its usefulness to the end user.

Advancement in Calibration presented by CPS

MSA2023 will host the first hands on workshop - that puts you in the driver's seat. At this workshop CPS NZ will have all the latest pressure calibration equipment up and running for you to try, learn and assess. There will also be some temperature and possibly some electrical equipment for you to try. Calibration experts will be on hand to teach you how to use the equipment, show you features you didn't know existed and showcase how to get the best out of your calibration facility. If you are intending to add to your reference equipment or grow your scope you cannot afford to miss this opportunity.


Education Workshop/Session

There is a dedicated Education session, delivering a collection of talks and panel discussion.  More information coming soon.



Measurement Standards Laboratory of New Zealand - Lab Tour - Monday 20 February

Make the most of the week, and catch this tour to MSL on Monday afternoon before the Welcome Function at Te Papa from 5pm.  Select this option on your registration and catch the tour bus departing from Te Papa at 1pm.  MSL has recently upgraded their Electrical, Temperature, Time and Coordinate Measuring lab facilities so this is a great opportunity to visit and see these spaces and hear from the lead scientists about the work they're involved in.  


Welcome Function - Monday 20 February

Your first chance to view the trade area, reconnect with familiar faces and celebrate being back together after 3 years. From 5pm on Monday, join us to register, collect your conference bag and lanyard, enjoy refreshments and and a bite to eat.


Conference Dinner - Tuesday 21 February


The conference dinner will be held in the spectacular Te Marae in Te Papa. This special place provides a surreal experience of the kiwi culture. It is a place where we are connected to the earth, the sky and the space in between that we inhabit.  We look forward to a wonderful experience for our visitors.  Make sure you grab a partners ticket when you register.


WETA Site Tour - Wednesday 22 February

We are excited to provide an immersive event to get you up close and personal to the global visual effects artists and innovators at WETA FX. This will be an experience like nothing seen before at our MSA conferences with a bespoke tour of the Wellington studios where the creativity and innovation in the world of visual effects will provide a glimpse into the way this industry has evolved and how movie magic is made.  Partners are welcome so be sure to grab a partners ticket when you register.