The Australian Metrologist

The Australian Metrologist Publication

The Australian Metrologist (TAM) served a crucial function of gathering and disseminating information of interest to the metrology community in Australia for over 10 years. Its function was one of the pivotal goals of the MSA and as such the magazine contributed to the cohesion of the Australian metrology community. Around 2009 the process of maintaining the publication was reviewed and the number of publications diminished and then ceased. TAM was eventually replaced by the website and email newsletters. Nowadays, scientific papers and or reviews that are presented at conference are uploaded to the website which enables MSA members to keep abreast of new developments in measurement science.

Past editions are available for viewing and are a valuable insight into MSA history.

The 2009 TAM Editor-in-Chief

Walter Giardini

2009 Editorial Committee 

Neville Owen
Jane Warne
Jeff Tapping
Robert Crawford
Rick Laslett

Past Issues

Past issues are available in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format and require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print them. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your system it can be downloaded from Adobe. 

Issue 43 - December 2007 (1.6mb)

Issue 42 - July 2007 (1.7mb)

Issue 41 - April 2007 (1.7mb)

Issue 40 - December 2006 (1.7mb)

Issue 39 - September 2006 (1.7mb)

Issue 38 - July 2006 (1.7mb)

Issue 37 - April 2006 (1.8mb)

Issue 36 - September 2005 (1.6mb)

Issue 35 - December 2006 (1.7mb)

Issue 34 - March 2005 (1.7mb)

Issue 33 - October 2004 (1.4mb)

Issue 32 - May 2004 (2.3mb)

Issue 31 - October 2003 (2.3mb)

Issue 30 - July 2003 (2.1mb)