Professional Metrologist Programme


The MSA Professional Metrologist Programme (MSA-PMP) has been initiated to ensure that, in the absence of formal qualifications for metrologists in Australia and New Zealand, a peer recognition system exists for all professionals working in all metrology fields. This programme has been designed to give recognition to metrologists in their fields of expertise with formal recognition by the MSA through its committee or nominated board.

Proposed levels

Following on from this, it has been proposed that the programme offers two levels of professional recognition in metrology, with the designatory letters

Professional Metrologist P-Metr
Principle Metrologist C-Metr


Assessment process

The assessment of these two levels will be based upon a points system, where the applicant will need to provide evidence to the MSA’s peer review board. The board will then review the evidence provided, ensuring that it meets or exceeds a level of skill and experience stated.


The application will have two fees. An initial fee of $150.00 which will cover two years of MSA-PMP recognition. Thereafter, a fee of $100.00 paid every two years as part of a review process. 
Note that the fees are only payable upon acceptance into the programme, an invoice will be sent to successful applicants with payment details.


Upon successful completion, a certificate of professional recognition will be issued to the applicant by the peer review board.


Further details about the process are described as part of the MSA-PMP application form.


Use the Calculator Form to check your eligibility to apply for the programme.
Use the Application Form to apply to the programme.